Pannellum Review and Investigation

  • Supports equirectangular, cubemap and multires types of panorama
  • Supports multiple scenes (locations)
  • Supports a concept of 'hotspots' which can link to other scenes (navigational) or just be a tooltip (Point of Interest)
  • Supports programatically creation of hotspots (as shown in prototype)

A prototype has been constructed with random panoramic images with the absility to add hotpots and optionally link them to other loaded scenes.

View Prototype View Prototype 2

Hotspots are configured using Pitch (vertical) and Yaw (horizontal) values. In theory it would be possible for us to create the navigational hotspots from positional geometry of the scenes plotted on a floor plan using trigonometry.

For each scene we would plot a line between the current scene's coordinates and every other scenes' coordinates. We would use these lines as the hypotenuse of a triangle and measure the angle between the hypotenuse and the closest cardinal direction (north, east, south, west) from the current scene. We would then calculate the angle relative to north (as opposed to east, south or west) and use this measurement as the Yaw value of each hotspot.